Everything you need to know about @signs (and more!)

What can I do with my @sign?

You’ll be able to use your @sign (at sign) with several newly-released mobile apps, including @persona and @mosphere

Which existing apps can I use my @sign with?

@persona: Your go-to destination for building your online persona. As a starting point for all @pps, @persona allows you to set up your preferences and determine how you want to engage in the @universe. 

@mosphere: Transfer files in real-time across all devices and locations. @mosphere allows for peer-to-peer encrypted file sharing. 

How are @pps different from what is available today?

You’ll have total privacy and utmost control over your data while using an @pp. No one will ever spy on you or misuse your information. Since @pps use your @sign as a proxy for your digital identity, you won’t ever have to create a new username or password while using an @pp.

How will I know when new apps are available?

Yes! When you sign up for your @sign, you’ll see a checkbox that gives us permission to notify you when we have new apps. Please make sure that box is checked if you want to stay updated. (You can also subscribe to our newsletter @news: News for Internet Optimists to receive monthly updates!)

Or, join our developers announcement Google group to get updates on new, launching @pps.

If someone knows my @sign, can they see all my information?

Anyone who looks up your @sign can only view the information that you’ve made public through @persona, an app that lets you set up and customize your public profile. You’ll have the freedom to adjust it as needed, and those changes will be viewable in a matter of seconds.

How much does an @sign cost?

We believe that everyone has a right to privacy, which is why we have the @sign-O-Matic, a free @sign generator.

If you want to secure a more customized @sign, custom @signs are available for between $10 and $5,000 (or even more!), depending on your desired level of customization.

For example, multiple words (i.e. your first name and last name) will cost $100, single words will be $1000 (because there are so few of these), and @signs with three characters will cost $5000. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a trademarked name, since the rights belong to the owner of that trademark. And yes, you can customize with emojis!

Can I transfer/sell my @sign to someone else?

Not at the moment, but we’re working on it! For now, if you want to transfer or sell your @sign to another party, please email us at transfer@atsign.com and we’ll help you figure it out.

Once we’ve established a proper system to transfer and sell @signs, we anticipate that the value of custom @signs will increase. You’ll be able to charge more for any special @sign that you own.

What do I have to do to renew my @sign?

If you have a free @sign, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

If you have a paid @sign, you’ll need to renew it for $10 each year. (We don’t store payment details, so we’ll let you know when it’s time to renew your @sign.) Instead of letting an @sign sit and collect dust, we want @signs not currently in use to be made available to others.

Will I be able to use my @sign with my current apps?

We expect that many of your current apps will transition over time, as more of their customers transition to the @protocol and away from applications that store their data.

Will there be @pps for businesses and corporations?

Glad you asked! Many of our @pps can be used in a business context as well. For example, you can set up an @persona page for your business, or use @mosphere to transfer files from one business account to another.

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